3emes software desenvolvimento de sistemas de gestão para qualquer lugar do Brasil Custom software development for companies of any size, any area of activity, and anywhere.  
Passion for sophistication with simplicity mugnatto@gmail.com
Satisfaction guarantee

The first functionalities of your software will be developed and delivered without compromise. If you doesn't approve the quality of the service you will not have to pay for it nor continue the project after the initial given period. No questions will be asked. Valid for the first 15 function points.                 
Custom software development

If your company of any size and anywhere in England needs a management software tailored to your specific needs, and at the lowest possible price, you've found the right professional.

It doesn’t matter the size of your project. I use an already extremely successful methodology to organize the development of systems of any size. A large system only takes longer to make than a small one, but it is always possible to prioritize features at will.

The systems will run in the cloud, and the only requirement is that each machine have access to the Internet, without the maintenance costs of network infrastructure and servers, and allowing integration without friction between subsidiaries. The system can be accessed through any operating system, including smartphones.

Some of the features already implemented on my projects include:

- All the applications are made for use with PC desktop, but they also have an optimized interface for access in mobile devices in 100% of the functionalities
- Sending alerts for customers by SMS and by email
- Customer satisfaction survey via SMS - Integration with online payment systems - Import data from previously used software
- Import and export data in CSV (Excel)
- Reporting with tags and layout editor
- Label printing
- Reports in PDF format
- One click local database backup
- Bank bill files import
- Custom interface layout themes
- Image capture via webcam for "photo" fields
- Text field with auto-complete type search
- Statistical charts of all kinds
- Public area for customer access on the Web
- Use of SSL for encryption
- HTML and SQL Injection protection for securing data - Access restrictions via IP
- Authenticity Validation of documents through encrypted key

Your software can have all the features of the most modern cloud applications, and with the best quality.

Ask for demonstrations and references.      
Ask for an estimate

Ask for an estimate without commitment. Just send me an email with a general idea of the features you would like to see in a “version 1.0” of the software. Please note that it will always be possible to add new features over time.         
Example 1

Basic interface elements in use on management software developed by us. In the video: software tailored for vaccination clinics and events management.    

Example 2

Software developed for a digital mockup company. It organizes the team produced illustrations.  
Who am I     

Marco Mugnatto   
Software developer   

Passion for technology and computer programming since childhood. 9 years working autonomously in several projects at the same time, and without any obstacles in the evolution of the functionalities. I was born in Brazil but I have italian citizenship and I’m living now in Europe. I believe that professional competence is much more important than impracticable methodologies that are never really followed in the end.                 
Case of success

We have an excellent program for vaccine management that was developed by a professional from here in our city. Besides the program being very good, the person who developed it, Marco Mugnatto, is competent, professional and attentive. The program was tailor made for our reality. From my own experience, I do not indicate a "closed package" program. Changes in the vaccine area are frequent and it is always good to have a person available to update and deploy features as we detect the need. Marco is fully equipped to serve you, wherever you are. To develop the system, we only had two meetings and the first one was more to get to know each other. All the rest of the contacts were by email. In his emails Marco is not lazy to write and is very clear in his posts.   

Aloysio Novais
Administração -
Clínica Imunocentro